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Draft submission to the Draft Unitary Plan – this is for individuals to use should they wish and modify in any way they like

May 15th, 2013

Hi all,

Submissions for the Unitary plan have to be in by 31st May. We want you to have your input but realise that MEVP members may well have diverse views. A few of us have put together a draft submission, please see below. We will not be putting in a MEVP viewpoint (as this is not established) but will be submitting as individuals. We encourage you to rework this draft so it reflects your position, submissions can be done online.

This is our chance to have a say –please take it.

Judith Holtebrinck

MEVP coordinator

Auckland 14.05.2013

Draft submission to the Draft Unitary Plan – this is for individuals to use should they wish and modify in any way they like

We would like to congratulate Auckland Council on the Draft Unitary Plan and hope that our feedback will support the vision of the most liveable city with thriving communities, a good public transport system and enough green space for people to share. As part of the worldwide Transition Town movement it is our wish that this plan supports a city that is prepared to deal with climate change issues, has less dependency on fossil fuels, is designed to reduce green-house gases and enforces sustainable solutions for new buildings and developments.

Why the rush?

As we understand, this is a document that will shape the future of our city for the next 30 years and there are only 3 month for the reviewing process.

Recommendation: Allow more time for the reviewing process to make sure all submissions will be considered and included.


We are concerned about the assumed fast growth in our city, more people means more cars, more traffic, more pollution and less space.

Recommendation: To develop programs to encourage people to live in other cities and move away from Auckland. Work with the government to support new businesses outside of Auckland.

Natural environment:

Volcanic views shafts: One of the unique natural highlights our city has to offer is  our volcanoes. We would strongly recommend that the view shafts to these volcanoes are protected. Buildings into the view shafts will destroy the appeal of our city for us and for visitors. The volcanoes must continue to be the feature of our landscape as they make our city so special and different from all other cities around the world.

Recommendation: To protect these views shafts and continue to have the current rules of height restrictions as outlined in the Operative Auckland City District Plan 1999. The 9m blanket height limit restrictions around the base of the cones (inside or outside the viewshafts) must be changed from a non-complying activity to a prohibited activity.

Trees in our community: In a time where we need trees to reduce greenhouse gases we would like to see a better protection for existing trees and the planting of more trees. Recommendation: Have a clear rule around the protection of our trees, plant more trees and secure space for parks and trees.

Heritage and historic character – Mt Eden:

We are pleased that under the Draft Unitary plan buildings pre 1944 will be protected. We are concerned about the rezoning around our community which will allow developers to build terrace housing up to 13.5m height in some of our heritage character streets close to the village centre and Maungawhau. Mt Eden is one of the few communities with an intact heritage town centre, which is a travel destination for many Aucklanders and people from overseas, helping our small businesses to thrive.


The following areas should be considered for rezoning from the proposed Terrace Housing and Apartments zone to a Single House zone: the east of Mt Eden Rd at Mt Eden Village.

The following areas should be considered for rezoning from the proposed Mixed Housing to a Single House zone: west of Mt Eden Rd at Mt Eden Village should be zoned Single House zone, not the proposed Mixed Housing zone.

Mt Eden Village: the suggested 4 storey building in Mt Eden Village would destroy the heritage nature of our community.

Recommendation: Zone Mt Eden Village as a Neighbourhood Centre not the proposed Local Centre and continue to have a height restriction of 9m for any new buildings in Mt Eden Village.

Recommendation: To keep a restricted height around Mt Eden Village to ensure the heritage character of our community will be there for many years to come and have a height restriction in the village.

Please also include the following buildings in our village as historic heritage places:

  • Barfoot and Thomson real-estate building (427 Mt Eden Rd)
  • De Post (466 Mt Eden Rd)
  • Methodist church (449 Mt Eden Rd)
  • Mantells (466 Mt Eden Rd)
  • Mazaiki Café building (421 Mt Eden Rd)
  • the Mt Eden Bowling club (17 Stokes Road),
  • Frasers Café (434 Mt Eden Rd)
  • Circus Circus (447 Mt Eden Rd) which is already listed.

Heritage and historic character

We support the plan to protect houses pre 1944, however, we are concerned that these can be removed without public notification.

Recommendation: Need rules for clear protection..


We would like to see a better public transport system and more people using it.

Recommendation: Convert car parks in the city into apartments, do not build more car parks, build more cycle lanes to make cycling safer and invest in trains and buses.


If we want to improve our city’s lifestyle we have to move away form the big business idea of shopping malls and big supermarket chains and have instead, many small decentralised  business as found in European cities.

Recommendation: Stop building any further shopping malls that, can only be reached by car.  They are buildings that do not contribute to the general aesthetic of a most liveable city. Support development of small independent shops that create neighbourhood community and which people can walk or cycle to rather than using cars.  More small decentralised shops where people can walk or cycle to and do not need to use their car.

Parks and community:

In the proposed apartment blocks people will not have space to grow some of their own food and to connect with nature.

Recommendation: Ensure that new developments have green space around them and create more local parks. In a time where we are running out of resources on this planet it is important that local food production is part of our city. We need more parks that can be used to produce local food, have food gardens, fruit trees and green space in which children can play and people  exercise.

We also understand that under the current draft Unitary Plan it would be possible to do the following activities as Permitted (P) or Restricted Discretionary (RD) for Mt Eden Reserve volcanic cone and Nicholson Park:

construction of buildings, additions or                       ●   workers’ accommodation
alterations                                                              ●   roads
●   community facilities (eg. places of                        ●   recreation centres
worship, halls, libraries, etc.)                                 ●   retail
●   public amenities (eg. toilets, park furniture,          ●   marae complex
changing rooms, showers, etc.)                              ●   informal recreation and leisure
●   information facilities (eg. visitor centre)                ●   parks field structures
●   any activity identified in an incorporated                         ●   art works
concept plan or adopted reserve
management plan, placed in a different location.

Further activities allowed for Mt Eden Reserve:
●   camping grounds                                                    ●   conservation forestry

Further activities allowed for Nicholson Park:
●   organized sports and recreation                             ●   markets
●   floodlights and support towers                             ●   restaurants
●   car parking and associated vehicle access              ●   grandstands

With increased population density, our existing green spaces are of increased importance and must be protected.

Recommendation: Any of these activities planned for Mt Eden Reserve or Nicholson Park or other Public Open Space zones. (eg. Windmill Road Park, Melville Park, Pollard Park, Potters Park, Three Kings Reserve etc.) must be approved through a notified application process to ensure that these green spaces remain intact for the community.

Affordable neighbourhoods

With extremely high food and house prices in Auckland it is important that we have affordable housing. However, we don’t see that we will get these affordable homes built by developers. Our concern is that new proposed terrace housing again will only be available for the more fortunate people in our community or wealthy immigrants.

Recommendation: To come up with a development for social housing. This way the council could guarantee that these houses are built to design and environmental building standards to last longer and that their  rent is affordable.

Auckland CBD as been scarred by developers for a long time and the outcome is now a city centre that in some parts looks like east Germany in its worst era, featuring concrete buildings with no appeal. We are concerned that thee suggested design standards don’t have to be followed by developers and therefore we will get more badly designed and built homes. Recommendation: New developments have to follow clear and enforceable rules rather than guidelines for buildings (either mixed housing or single housing) in heritage areas such as Mt Eden. Guidelines with good intentions are useless without enforcement.


Denser living will mean more consideration for others around noise will be needed. Our current laws are ineffective. Noise controls will also be needed with a lot of  development occurring.

Recommendation: We need  decibel limits and recognition of the particular problem with bass sounds which can travel at low decibels.

WE also need strict decibel limits and times that are allowed for building construction. No building on Saturdays or Sundays at all

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Establishing and Growing a Transition Town Group with Auckland Council

April 16th, 2013

Would you like to set up a Transition Town in your area or are you in a group that wants to meet and discuss next steps with other Transition Town groups?

Please come along to our Workshop on Sunday May 12th 10 – 1.00

This workshop is the second of two Transition Towns events being supported by Auckland Council in conjunction with Mt Eden, Grey Lynn 2030 and Pt Chevalier Transition Towns groups.

This event is being held during the Grey Lynn Farmers Market - an example of an initiative led by the Grey Lynn 2030 Transition community.

You may already be part of a grassroots sustainability action group or have attended the “Growing Sustainable Communities – Introduction to Transition Towns” presentation on 14th April and be wondering how to go about starting a Transition group in your local community.

This workshop is a networking opportunity for all Auckland Transition Town groups, whether they are well established, struggling to survive, or just starting out. Some active established groups will share their learnings and all involved will have an opportunity to explore solutions to common challenges and build closer ties with Auckland Council.

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Mt Eden Village Centre : March Programme 2013

March 7th, 2013

Mt Eden Village Centre : 449 Mt Eden Rd : cnr Mt Eden Road & Ngauruhoe St : Mt Eden :

Ongoing classes:

AA Meeting: Mon, Wed, Fri, 10am – 11.30am

Church choir: Thu 7pm – 8.30 pm

Church service: every Sun 10am – 12 midday

Jitterbugs dance classes: Mon 6.30pm – 10pm

Latin fever in Mt Eden: Latin Moves, Wed 6.15pm – 7.15pm

Latin fever in Mt Eden: Zumba, Wed 7.30pm – 8.30pm

Meditation classes – Transcend: Thu 7.15pm – 8.15pm, 19.01.2013 – 29.03.2013

Meditation & Hypnotherapy classes: Fri  6.45pm-7.45pm

Move to improve – Feldenkrais classes: Tue 7.30pm – 8.30pm

NA meeting: Fri 12am – 1.30pm

Singing Rainbows – Pre-school music classes:
Thu: 9am-12 midday, 07.02.2013-18.04.2013

Yoga classes: Thu: 6pm – 7pm


Craft Market:
09.03.2013, 10am – 4pm

Artist in Eden day: Art Exhibition :
16.03.2013, 10am – 4pm

Compact Prints – International Exhibition:
01.03 – 25.03, 10am – 3 pm

Mt Eden Village Fair:
23.03.2013, 10am – 3pm

Village Centre Society Lecture:
The Unitary Plan  by  John Duguid, Manager Unitary Plan Auckland Council 26.03.2013, 7.30pm

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Superhood – Street level community engagement

February 18th, 2013

In a resource constrained future it will be important to have networks that will be mutually beneficial to meeting needs. The most apparent, accessible and relevant network available to most people is the street they live on.

Superhood is a concept that allows you to bring all our great Mt Eden Village People initiatives to your street. Reduce waste, plant fruit trees, create gardens, have street parties, simply get to know your neighbours. The Superhood project is a fun way to connect and engage the residents of a street with a view to making it a more friendly, happy, resilient and inherently more sustainable place to live.

If you live in Mt Eden and would like your street to be safer, full of fruit trees, vegetable gardens, hungry bins and activities that bring your neighbourhood together, contact us. We now have a subgroup to help bring this work to your Mt Eden street.

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Picnic for the planet at Tahaki Reserve, Mt. Eden Sun, 27/01/2013 – 11:30am – 3:00pm

January 22nd, 2013

Bring your friends, neighbours and family for a picnic in the park and join us for a day in the sun with many like minded people. A BIG thank you to the Green party for organising such an wonderful event so close to the heart of our community. We are very excited to be part of this event. This is a day where you can meet your community and neighbours and share your vision of a sustainable future.

We will bring a BIG picnic blanket and a sign with our logo on it, so

please come and say hi or bring some food to share. We always love talking about community fruit trees for Auckland, the Mt Eden community garden, farmers markets close to Mt Eden, chickens, gardening and waste reduction. Bring the whole family and have a fun day in the sun. For more

information please go to:

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Children’s dance performance to raise funds for fruit trees for Auckland – this Friday 14.12.2012 at the Mt Eden Village Centre

December 12th, 2012

Here is our Final Detail for this coming Fridays Showcase Fundraiser event.

This is an end of year Showcase with a difference! It’s a showcase and a community fundraiser organized by the wonderful Claire Baxter from the Baxter School of Dance.

ALL PROFITS from this showcase go to Fruit Trees for Auckland.


The Mt Eden Village Centre (Methodist church building)
449 Mt Eden Rd: cnr Mt Eden Road & Ngauruhoe St : Mt Eden

At 6.30pm we are performing a few outdoor performances including an outdoor Flash Mob with all dancers! Audiences should be seated at by 6.20pm at Circus Circus, De Post or The Eden Cloakroom for viewing. Then audiences will be invited into the Mt Eden Village Centre for a 7pm showcase start.

Interval: There will be two 40 minute halves with a sausage sizzle at half time – Bring loose change – $2 per sausage.


$20 Adult $10 School age - Selling FAST! Don’t miss outTo pre-order tickets, send an email to:

You can pick up tickets from the door on the night. No guaranteed door sales as we may sell out.

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Baxter School of Dance: Dancing for community fruit trees for Auckland 14.12.2012 @6pm the Mt Eden Village Centre and flash mob in the village!

November 11th, 2012

The fruit tree mob is in the village! The Baxter School of Dance have prepared a stunning performance with children from local schools to raise funds to plant community fruit trees for Auckland with us.
The Baxter School of Dance kindly supports our Fruit Trees for Auckland project by donating funds raised from ticket sales. Their focus is to support performance, people and the community.
Collaborating with the Mount Eden Village People allows the student body to achieve their goal of community interaction for 2012. Get your kids active with local community performance.
Trees will be allocated to schools that have registered on our website Planting will be in July 2013.

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Community fruit tree planting day Mt Eden Village: 5 August 2012

July 16th, 2012

We are organising a community fruit tree planting day on Sunday 5 August, at 1 pm. This is a great opportunity to meet likeminded people, learn how to plant a fruit tree, and help to provide free fruit trees for Aucklanders.

Meet at 1pm at the end of Poronui Stree Road. Please wear sturdy shoes and suitable clothing, and bring gardening gloves
and a spade. Please let us know if you’re coming: Contact Judith Holtebrinck:

Home made “Linzer Torte “will be available for all helpers. This is a family event so please bring your children your children’s friends, parents and
grant parents along. The fruit tree are getting planted next to the playground at the end of Poronui street.

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News from the Mt Eden Village Centre

May 1st, 2012

The Mount Eden Village centre is now online and on Facebook. This is a unique location in the heart of our community where you can host your events, workshops or celebrations. You can find events and classes at the centre such as adult classes, art exhibitions, concerts and support groups  on the centre’s website as well as a selection of pictures from the different rooms to hire. Please help to spread the word about the centre and visit our centre on FB: Mt Eden Village Centre.

The centre has now its own worm farm to reduce waste going to landfill and is part of our initiative of working towards zero waste in our community.

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Connect with your community – Other community groups in Mt Eden:

May 1st, 2012

Please see bellow a list of other community groups around Mt Eden.  If you know of any other not for profit organisation in Mt Eden that do exciting projects, please let us know.

Auckland Theatre Company

Eden Arts

Eden Creative Recycling

Friends of Maungawhau

The Handweavers and Spinners Guild

Mount Eden Community Garden

Mount Eden Maungawhau Village Centre Society Inc.
Contact: E:

Mainstreet Business Association

Mount Eden Village Centre

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