The projects we initiated are there to improve a sustainable lifestyle in our community and for the benefit of everyone.

1. Planting fruit trees in Mt Eden, Mt Albert and Epsom communities.

a ) Planting fruit trees on playgrounds and in parks and reserves.

We have been liaising with Auckland City Council since July 2008 on a project to plant fruit trees in our community. We would like to thank the community board, Auckland City Council, all community groups involved and in favour of this project as well as all of the many individuals who have supported us. The planting of fruit trees in parks, playgrounds and reserves is confirmed and will take place in July 2010/2011. This project is a trial project and we will hope that soon we will see many more fruit trees in the streets and parks of Auckland.

b) Planting on the kerb sides in your street. Do you want your own fruit tree to be planted on the kerb side in front of your house, if yes, we want to hear from you.

We are collecting sites and evidence to see if there is enough interest out there to plant more fruit trees. The final site selection is up for the council arborist to consider, but we will definitely give it a go and forward the selected sites. If you live in Mt Eden, Epsom or Mt Albert, please contact Judith Holtebrinck.

c) Planting in your local school. Sara Rishworth has been in discussions with schools to gauge interest in fruit tree planting and Mt Eden Village People projects.

2. Community garden

Michelle Donovan has joined us with her vision of a community garden in Mt Eden. We have been working together on finding a suitable site.

3. Recycling & working towards zero waste

  • We are promoting alternatives to plastic bags and plastic containers for Mount Eden village shops.
  • We have established battery recycling with a collection station at MBE Copy Shop and Civic Video (453 Mt Eden Road).
  • We have organised collection of used coffee grinds for gardens/composting from some local Mt Eden cafes.
  • We have organised a farmer to pick up vegetable leftovers from our local vegetable shop.
  • We have organised a local school to pick up off cuts from the Mount Eden Picture framer.

Business in Mt Eden village working towards zero waste with us:

Essential Deli , Frasers Café , Chapter Café , Altar Café , City Cake Company , Mt Eden Health Shop , MBE Copy shop , Civic Video , Mt Eden Picture Framers , KC Loo , Mt Eden Baker , Pomegranate , The Hospice shop, Molton Restaurant.

Actions been taken are such as: Coffee grinds recycling to keen gardeners, changing from plastic to cornstarch or paper bags, hosting battery recycling box, recycling offcuts for schools, vegetable leftovers recycling for pig farmer & gardeners.

Pictures: Sandra from Farsers next to 14 buckets of coffee grinds (10-14 buckets each week), the Essential Deli changed from plastic to corn starch bags, Mt Eden bakery recycling coffee grinds, Steve from Civic Video offers battery recycling

Projects achieved within Mt Eden village:

2006 Conducted a questionnaire on plastic bag use by shops in Mt Eden village together with the Mt Eden Village Business Association. Judith spoke to 40 shop owners and gathered statistics. The results were:

  • 6 shops did not use plastic bags at all
  • 4 shops declined to participate in the poll,
  • 30 shops in Mt Eden village gave out 710,900 plastic bags and 51,500 paper bags in the preceeding year, to their customers.

Organised the Hazmobile to come to Mt Eden/Eden Park.

Photo exhibition at Frasers cafe to raise awareness of the impact of plastic bags.

2007 Presentation at local school (Auckland Intermediate School, 3 classes, 60 students) to raise the awareness of the impact of plastic bags.

Helped to stop a proposed development at Stokes Road together with Mt Eden Society incorporated.

Photo exhibition at Frasers to raise the impact of plastic bags.

Began coffee recycling in the first cafes.

2008 Organised an event with Auckland City Council, Transition Town Kingsland and members of our community on how to plant fruit trees for our community.

Presentation at the community board to applied for funding to plant fruit trees in Mt Eden, Mt Albert and Epsom. 

Applied for funding for the planting of fruit trees in our streets, playgrounds and parks and reserves.

Square foot gardening course with Ken Clark from Waiheke on how to maximize food production with limited space,

Photo exhibition at Frasers cafe to raise awareness of the impact of plastic bags.

Supplied Auckland city council with suggested sites for possible fruit tree planting for our community

2009 Photo exhibition at Frasers cafe to raise awareness of the impact of plastic bags.

Square foot gardening course, how to grow your own food with Ken Clark from Waiheke.

2010 Environmental working bee – opening of the Mt Eden Community Garden as part of the day

Planting community fruit trees on Maungawhau

Zero waste in Mt Eden – Expanding our recycling program in Mt Eden Village

2010 Providing 100 citrus trees for schools and kindergartens

Zero waste in Mt Eden – Expanding our recycling program in Mt Eden Village

Thank you for working towards a sustainable community by taking action today.

Be the change you want to see in the world. Mahatma Gandhi