Updates from Eden Park Neighbours’ Assoc. – good news on Eden Park ie no concerts or major increase in games!

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The Panel recommendations are just in – and good news on Eden Park ie no concerts or major increase in games!

It was a real David vs Goliath battle, but our evidence swayed the day in the end. A big thanks to our team – Jan Caunter our lawyer, Craig Magee our Planner, and Stephen Chiles our noise expert.
Also a big thanks to our resident expert submitters who presented good clear, factual evidence on effects, including a great video for the Panel. And of course thanks to all submitters – having 150 supporting submissions was also crucial to show the support for our position.

The Council must now reject or accept the recommendation in August. At the end of the hearing they remained of the view Status Quo was appropriate and that Eden Park hadn’t provided sufficient evidence to support concerts etc. So we don’t think it’s likely they will reject the panel’s recommendation, and send us all to the Environment Court.

We’re still reviewing the details, and they have been given some extras – eg one D/N cricket test a year. Five nights in a row will be tough – especially on young children, but Sunday night is still protected – so may in fact make a D/N 5 day test impractical. It looks like limits on cricket has been removed, but stricter mid-week finishing times. We still have a lot of detail to review and understand.

It will be a tricky period to get a new controlled consent in place and bed in the new rules and make sure interpretations by Council are correct.

But all in all a great result!

On other issues, it looks as though we’ve largely retained our single dwelling zone, and Special Character protection (map below). Eden Valley town centre retains heritage protection.

Apartment zones have remained in part of Onslow road, and along Dominion and Sandringham roads. Also west side of Ewington has become an Apartment zone.

The biggest overall change is that areas outside of the light coloured single dwelling below have had density limits removed, along with onsite parking controls. This may open those areas up for developers to put in a large number of 3 storey “dollhouse” type townhouses – putting pressure on local infrastructure.

We already know the local sewage network has issues, and can’t cope with many more developments. We may end up needing to ensure Council does not ignore these constraints in approving building permits in future.

But overall we believe this area has come through the process relatively well.

Mark Donnelly
President, Eden Park Neighbours’ Assoc.

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