Square Foot Gardening Course – Sun 22 April

Square Foot Garden workshop with Waiheke’s Ken Clark
This is a unique chance to learn all you need to know to start and maximise food production in the city from one of New Zealand’s most successful square foot gardeners. Square foot gardening is a perfect solution for city gardens as it produces up to 70% more food than conventional gardens with less work and no weeding.

What to expect:
The workshop imparts practical tips on Square foot gardening technique, seed saving, organic gardening, organic fertiliser and how to maintain healthy soil for healthy plants.
You will get the chance to design your own Square foot garden on a map that will assist you to set up your own SFG at home.
A flyer with gardening and soil information will be handed out.
Learn how to set up your own Square foot garden takes one hour.

Ken has been growing and living off his own plants for the past 60 years. Living on a small plot of land, using natural fertiliser and only rain water, he employs the square foot gardening method to consistently produce an excess of fruit and veges which he shares at the Waiheke market.

To register please send an email to: judith@mountedenvillagepeople.co.nz

Payment is $20.00 on the day.

To register please send an email to:


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