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Keeping chickens in the city – MEVP workshop

February 29th, 2012

March: Sunday 25.03.2011

This is a site visit at Gail’s garden where she will tell us what you need to get started, what they should eat and how to raise your chickens from a fertile egg.  You will learn the guidelines of keeping chickens in the city, tips on housing them and other titbits of information.
This workshop covers:
* Benefits of having chickens
* Housing requirements and rules
* Feeding
* Hatching and rearing
* Health and  wellbeing
* All about eggs
* Miscellaneous and troubleshooting
* Benefits of different breeds
* How to adopted a chicken
About Gail Batten:
When Gail came back from a woofing (working on organic farms) holiday a year ago, she was given some fertilised eggs as a farewell present.  Back in Auckland she managed to borrow a hen from a friend of hers to sit on the eggs. A few weeks later she had baby chicks, a chook house and later lots of eggs for breakfast. In December last year she obtained more fertilised eggs and now the chook house is full of life, eggs and entertainment.

Other useful Web sites: – ideas for some funky chicken runs South Island hatchery who sells day old chicks and hen houses country wide. – great site to find breeders of pure breed chickens

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Events and activities at the Mt Village Centre:

February 17th, 2012

February/March 2012

Methodist church building, 449 Mt Eden Rd  :  cnr Mt Eden Road & Ngauruhoe St,

New Classes/workshops:

•    Move to improve – Feldenkrais: Tue 7.30pm,

•    Pilates classes; Tue 6.30-7.30pm

•    Yoga with Nora Garcia, Thu 6pm – 7pm,

Ongoing classes:

•    AA Meeting, every Mon, Wed, Fri,  10am – 11.30am,

•    Church choir, every Thu 7pm-8.30 pm,

•    Dance classes, every Mon 6.30pm – 10pm,

•    NA meeting, every Fr 12am-1.30pm

•    Yoga classes every Tue and Thu, 9.15am-10.15am

•    Church service, every Sun 9am-12 midday

•    Savvy Senior: 23.2/ 8/3, 22/3 from 12.45 – 3.45pm

Other events at the centre:

Craft Market, 10th of March from 10am-4pm

Village Music, 9th of March

Persian Rug sale, 25.2.2012

Art Exhibitions:
The Bartizans, art exhibition, 2-4th of March

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Connect with your community – Neighbour’s Day Grant:

February 17th, 2012

The Albert-Eden Local Board is supportive of the values and principles promoted by the Neighbours Day campaign and  have set aside a grant to enable small local activities  within its local board area.

Applicants can apply for any amount up to $200 to put towards an activity/event that will involve you and your neighbours on Neighbours day weekend  (March 24th and 25th).  Only residents of Albert-Eden Local Board area can apply.

Let’s turn our streets into neighbourhoods and create safer and caring communities.  Interested to find out more, please go to their website or call (09) 623-6090.

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CCS Master Gardening program winter 2012

February 8th, 2012

Then come along to the Master Gardener course – a practical, hands-on course which teaches people to become gardeners – and gardeners to become master gardeners.  This course is accessible for every body.

The course is taught by a stunning line-up of New Zealand’s organic gardening experts and will show you how to create your own successful organic garden and contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly urban environment.

Basic topics covered include getting started and garden design using permaculture principles, soil health and how to maintain it by using various garden techniques, introductory botany, herb cultivation, composting, worm farming, growing fruit trees suited for our region successfully, managing pests and diseases by various organically safe methods, successfully saving seeds, creating food forests, and tools that make it easy.

The next course starts on Saturday 9 June and is held weekly 9:30-12:30 until 11 August for 10 weeks at CCS Disability Action at 14 Erson Avenue in Royal Oak.

Booking: Contact Scott Thiemann on 09 625 9811 or by email for the extended course description. Registration closes Friday, 1 June.

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Upcoming Square Foot Gardening workshop, 19.02.2012

February 2nd, 2012

Square foot gardening with Ken Clark from Waiheke

Starting: 10.30am, Duration: 1-1.30 hours
Please rsvp to: Judith Holtebrinck

This is a unique chance to learn all you need to know to start and maximise food production in the city from one of New Zealand’s most successful square foot gardeners. Square foot gardening is a perfect solution for city gardens as it produces 70% more food than conventional gardens with less work. Ken will also share practical tips to improve your organic gardening skills and talk about soil maintenance, home-made organic fertiliser and seed saving.
What to expect:
The workshops cover everything from seeds and organic gardening.
You will get the chance to design your own Square foot garden on a map that you can take home.
A flyer with gardening and soil information will be handed out outlining the workshop.
After this workshop you can set up your own SFG garden and start your food production.
To set up your own Square foot garden takes one hour.
About Ken Clark and Square foot gardening:
Ken first learnt about square foot gardening about 20 years ago. He proceeded to do it his own way for 17 years. 5 years ago he retired to Waiheke Island & started SFG in earnest. Ken lives on a small size section and produces an abundance of fruit and veges using the Square foot gardening method. SFG advocates growing only what you need on a weekly basis. It is a fantastic system for busy people who wish to have a more sustainable life and organically grow food with the minimum fuss and effort.

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