December newsletter

Dear all,

This is definitely a last minute newsletter and one more proof that it has been a busy and successful year for the Mt Village People and now it is timer to look back.

First of all we would like to say a BIG thank you to everyone who is part of our network and supporting our vision of zero waste and a sustainable Mt Eden. We also would like to thank the New Zealand Lottery Board for their funding this year. In addition our local board has kindly supported our projects by funding 5 Hungry Bins for our local shops and 5 beehives for Mt Eden.

On behalf of our group the MEVP, we wish you a wonderful Christmas with your friends, neighbours and family and all the best for 2012

Judith Holtebrinck

Please find below a brief list of achievements in 2011 in the village:

  • Frasers Café changed to free range eggs
  • The Essential Deli has stated their commitment to  free range happy and healthy animals and New Zealand made products in big letters on their window.
  • City cake reported that they use free range eggs for their cakes
  • Chapter tearoom offers fair trade and organic tea
  • The village wine shop is selling 12 free ranged eggs for $6.00
  • We are now recycling 100 x 10 litre buckets of coffee grains each month
  • We are collecting one bucket per month of used household batteries from Civic Video
  • Pig farmers collect food waste from Frasers and KC Loo.
  • The Mt Eden Community garden has 6 more garden beds
  • The Mt Eden butcher has a new owner who offers free range meat
  • We planted a mandarine tree in front of the Mt Eden Village centre
  • We donated 100 fruit trees to schools and kindergartens in July this year and are working on giving 1000 fruit trees to Auckland next year.
  • Our sustainability workshops for 2012 are now listed on our website
  • Since 13.12.2011, Maungawhau Mt Eden is bus free!
  • We raised $470.00 for our project to plant fruit trees at our annual community celebration at the Mt Eden Community garden.
  • We have observed more people in our community planting fruit trees on their grass verges.

Things we are working on and looking forward to in 2012:

A new local recycling station: We will offer the recycling of soft plastic in one of our local shops.

We are working on a submission for the Auckland waste plan, supporting community based recycling versus handing our waste over to the big players who send it to landfill.

We are looking forward to setting up our new Hungry Bins at our local shops

We are busy raising money and collecting fruit tree planting locations on our website:, our vision is to have 1000 community fruit trees for Auckland by July 2012.

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