September: Sunday 29.09.2013

City chooks – keeping chickens in your backyard:

Start time: 1pm, Duration 1-1.30 hours,

Tutor: Gail Batten
Location:  Epsom
Contribution ; $20.00
Please rsvp to: Judith Holtebrinck

Chickens in the city, with Gail Batten
This is a site visit at Gail’s garden where she will tell us what you need to get started, what they should eat and how to raise your chickens from a fertile egg.  You will learn the guidelines of keeping chickens in the city, tips on housing them and other titbits of information.

This workshop covers:

* Benefits of having chickens
* Housing requirements and rules
* Feeding
* Hatching and rearing
* Health and  wellbeing
* All about eggs
* Miscellaneous and troubleshooting
* Benefits of different breeds
* How to adopted a chicken

About Gail Batten:
When Gail came back from a woofing (working on organic farms) holiday a year ago, she was given some fertilised eggs as a farewell present.  Back in Auckland she managed to borrow a hen from a friend of hers to sit on the eggs. A few weeks later she had baby chicks, a chook house and later lots of eggs for breakfast. In December last year she obtained more fertilised eggs and now the chook house is full of life, eggs and entertainment.

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