July: Sunday 28.07.2013

Grafting on fruit trees
Starting: 1.pm, duration: 1-1.30 hours,

Tutor: Ken Clark
Location:  Mt Eden Village

Contribution: $20.00
Please rsvp to: Judith Holtebrinck

Grafting with Ken Clark
In this workshop you will learn:

The different ways of grafting.
What you can graft together, success and failure stories.
What tools you need to get started

What to expect:
Ken is a master grafter and has managed to graft seven different sorts of plums onto one tree. Grafting on existing trees is one way to get a wide variety in your garden if you don’t live in an orchard. This is a great way for people in the city to get all different kinds of fruit on your trees.

About Ken Clark:
Ken has been gardening all his life with the main focus on food production. He grew up on a farm and back then you relied on your own garden to get your dinner on the table. When Ken was 12 his parents divorced and he had to take over all the major digging in the garden and his mum did the planting.

He now lives on Waiheke on a 850 m section and produces food in abundancy to feed himself and his wife. The beauty of Kens food garden is that he has a wide variety of different fruit and vegetables for the entire year.

The benefit of having your own vegetables and fruit trees in your garden are simple: you know where your food comes from and you don’t spend money on oil to get the food from wherever into your kitchen.

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