Christmas 2011: no more stuff please!

Before you go Christmas shopping please have a look at “The Story of Stuff”.

The Story of Stuff sums it all up, every new thing we buy is made from resources of this planet. The problem is that our planet is full of stuff and we are running low on resources. So what else can we do to express our love and friendship to others? Here are some Christmas ideas we came up with to replace some of the stuff we usually exchange. If you don’t have time and love shopping, make sure you check out the small businesses in your community first before you run into the big shopping malls. If you buy anything new keep your eyes open for New Zealand made.

  • Create a movie / DVD for that person with interviews from all their friends and family that tell them what makes them so special.
  • Collate all the photos from the year and make a digital collage or powerpoint presentation showing them what an amazing year it has been.
  • Organise a day trip to Tiritiri Matangi, Waiheke, Rangitoto . . .
  • Organsie a picnic on Mt Eden.
  • Baked fortune cookies and included personal messages inside (used at Christmas dinner instead of buying crackers)
  • Buy a ticket to a concert/festival
  • Make vouchers that offer your time / favours to people… e.g. for breakfast in bed, or a coffee date, or washing someone’s car, mowing their lawn, baby sitting, dog walking, back massage etc.

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