100 Citrus for schools:

We had a wonderful day on Sunday the 7th of August providing 100 fruit trees to local schools
and kindergartens. 

All 100 fruit trees now have their roots down in their new garden homes in schools and
kindergartens all over Auckland.We would like to thank all the teachers and
parents for sharing our vision of free and healthy food by taking action and being involved in the ‘Citrus in schools’project.

We have three main goals with this project  - to support families with lowering their grocery bills; to encourage local food production;  and to teach children how to plant and care for fruit

Our commitment for July 2012 is to provide 500-1000 fruit trees to schools and kindergartens. If you want to be part of this project and suggest a site for the planting of a fruit tree please register on our website: www.fruittrees.org.nz. Best wishes, Your fruit tree ladies
Judith, Justine, Karen, and Jo

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