Where to go if you want to eat free range eggs?

Please find below a list of cafes in the village that have confirmed that they are using free range eggs. If your favourite café is not on the list, please let them know that  your preferred choice is free range eggs and encourage them to have free range eggs on their menus.

Below is a list of cafes we are giving a green light for free range eggs:
•    Café Altar
•    Café Next Door (next to Bowmans)
•    The Essential Deli
•    Café Escape
•    Café Ironique
•    Restaurant Molten

Below a list of cafes that uses free range eggs & free range bacon:
•    Café Next door: free range eggs and free range bacon
•    The Essential Deli: free range eggs, free range ham & bacon.
•    Restaurant Molten; free range eggs, free range ham and baco

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