Mt Eden Community Garden updates:

A composting system has been set up, using 5 black bins. We are currently collecting kitchen waste from the University of Education cafeteria.  We have done our winter planting and the garlic bed is showing the first flash of green. We are now cleaning up the side garden and preparing the beds to plant flowers to attract the bees in spring. We are also looking at putting in three more beds in preparation for spring.
There is currently a hardy core group of gardeners who have been turning up regularly even on wet Sundays.  Even when the weather is horrible we are still able to go to a local café and discuss garden related issues such as establishing a larger composting system.  Any new members are welcome to come and join us on Sunday 2-4 at the Mt Eden Community garden.  This can be accessed from Poronui Street and is situated behind the large scoria wall just behind the bowling club.

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