Workshop: Dowsing for your home and garden

April: Sunday 17.04.2011

When a house is connected to the main electricity supply, voltage is continually present through the wire, even if the circuit is not in use. All electrical appliances when in use, may radiate electromagnetic fields and/or microwave frequencies. Studies have shown that these fields may be detrimental to the human body. Albino Goal will introduce alternatives to balance the effect of these detrimental fields to the human body and to plants.
About Albino Gola:
Albino Gola is a BBEI Certified Electro Biology Environmental Inspector and Teacher. He is a recognised expert and consultant in Dowsing and Balancing Fields of Environmental and Geopathic Stress in Land, home and workplaces.

What to expect:

In this workshop Albino will introduce the concept of laylines, underground streams, cometic energy and the curry grids. He will demonstrate how to balance electromagnetic fields in your home and your property by using a bar code. He will explain the Hartmann net and show how to dowse for your house, garden, plants and food.
This workshop is for people who are interested in improving the general energy flow and wellbeing in their home and also for gardeners interested in increasing food production by planting fruit trees in the right location.

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