New Litter report line for a litter free Auckland

Did you know that every day approximately 35,000 cigarette butts end up on Auckland’s streets and subsequently in our beautiful harbours? Birds and marine life often mistake the small litter items, in particular cigarette butts for food and choke or die.

Auckland Council now offers a free litter report line. Litter offenders can face up to $400 fine. If you would like to help to make Auckland litter free you can now take action and report littering.

The process is easy. If you see someone littering, write down as much information as you can: car registration, make, colour, location, time and from where the litter item was disposed (from driver or passenger window) and call 0800 INTHEBIN or text the information to council’s litter report text service: 022 468 43 24.

If you would like to see what litter does to our environment, please check out this short movie from Aligator, a marine research foundation

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