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New Litter report line for a litter free Auckland

April 28th, 2011

Did you know that every day approximately 35,000 cigarette butts end up on Auckland’s streets and subsequently in our beautiful harbours? Birds and marine life often mistake the small litter items, in particular cigarette butts for food and choke or die.

Auckland Council now offers a free litter report line. Litter offenders can face up to $400 fine. If you would like to help to make Auckland litter free you can now take action and report littering.

The process is easy. If you see someone littering, write down as much information as you can: car registration, make, colour, location, time and from where the litter item was disposed (from driver or passenger window) and call 0800 INTHEBIN or text the information to council’s litter report text service: 022 468 43 24.

If you would like to see what litter does to our environment, please check out this short movie from Aligator, a marine research foundation

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100 fruit trees for schools and kindergartens:

April 28th, 2011

The fruit tree group’s latest initiative is to introduce a community funded “Citrus in Schools” tree planting project for Auckland schools.  This project has been developed to benefit children by helping them gain a greater understanding of the importance of eating fresh fruit, and locally sourced produce.

The goal is to plant a total of 100 trees in schools and early childhood centres in the wider community by the end of July.  Schools and early childhood centres registered on our fruit trees for Auckland website will each receive up to 5 trees as well as an information pack on how to plant and care for the trees using organic methods and the benefits of eating citrus fruit.

Schools and early childhood centres registered on our fruit trees for Auckland website will each receive up to 5 trees as well as an information pack on how to plant and care for the trees using organic methods and the benefits of eating citrus fruit.

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Community garden updates

April 28th, 2011

A small group of interested gardeners met at the new Mt Eden Community centre on Ngaruhoe Street recently to formalise our structure.  It is an exciting development as we can now put in place a plan on how to take our garden forward into the new spring.

To date we have had another donation of mulch from Treescape, which has enabled us to tidy up around the raised beds. We have put in a new bed for the strawberries on the other side of the field again the shade cloth for the bowling club bowlers.
Last weekend we had a lesson on how to set up our composting system from Kris’ partner Mike.

We are now looking at fund raising and how we can establish three more raised beds before next spring. If you are interested in becoming a friend of the Mt Eden Community garden and would like to donate some money please email  Kris at

If you have untreated wood or access to some good soil please contact us at the same e-mail address.
We meet every Sunday at 2pm for two hours of gardening and you would be very welcome to come and help or to just join us for a chat. We are at the end of Poronui Street behind the rock wall on the left hand side.

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Create urban bio-corridors

April 28th, 2011

Planting roadside berms to create urban bio-corridors is an wonderful initiative from our friends at GreyLynn2030. We also spotted some beautiful berm planting in Sandringham. This is a great way to create biodiversity in front of your house that can be beneficial to bees and other important insects in our city and to meet your neighbours. To find out more about guidelines, suitable plants all you need to know to get started go on GL2030 website.

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Workshop: Dowsing for your home and garden

April 10th, 2011

April: Sunday 17.04.2011

When a house is connected to the main electricity supply, voltage is continually present through the wire, even if the circuit is not in use. All electrical appliances when in use, may radiate electromagnetic fields and/or microwave frequencies. Studies have shown that these fields may be detrimental to the human body. Albino Goal will introduce alternatives to balance the effect of these detrimental fields to the human body and to plants.
About Albino Gola:
Albino Gola is a BBEI Certified Electro Biology Environmental Inspector and Teacher. He is a recognised expert and consultant in Dowsing and Balancing Fields of Environmental and Geopathic Stress in Land, home and workplaces.

What to expect:

In this workshop Albino will introduce the concept of laylines, underground streams, cometic energy and the curry grids. He will demonstrate how to balance electromagnetic fields in your home and your property by using a bar code. He will explain the Hartmann net and show how to dowse for your house, garden, plants and food.
This workshop is for people who are interested in improving the general energy flow and wellbeing in their home and also for gardeners interested in increasing food production by planting fruit trees in the right location.

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Next community garden meeting, 7th April 7.00pm

April 1st, 2011

Next Thursday, April 7th at 7.00 pm those involved or wanting to be involved in the community garden are meeting to plan for the year ahead. Please join us if you would like to be part of this group. Don’t forget to pop in and see the expanding garden at the end of Poronui st  behind the rock wall on the right!
Meeting is at the the Mt Eden Village Centre, Cnr Ngauruhoe Street and Mt Eden Road (Methodist Church)

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