Nominate your notable trees for protection until the 31 March 2011:

For many years, council rules in the district plan have prevented landowners from cutting down trees over a certain girth and height, especially native trees, without a resource consent. From the beginning of 2012, all of that changes and trees are no longer automatically protected.

In 2009, the Government legislated to revoke all existing tree protection regimes put in place by councils, and from 1 January next year, the only trees that have protection will be ones that are individually scheduled (singly or as a group) or are in a park or reserve.  Our Council has decided to allow further nominations of trees and that only local boards may propose trees for scheduling.

The Albert Eden Local Board will start a project to identify significant trees for scheduling in its area, and they need your help.  Every tree will have to be assessed individually so it will be a costly process and only the most important can be listed. Please make sure to nominate the large trees you treasure on your own property, and the special trees you love in your community.

The only way to protect specific trees at this point is to have them scheduled – this is your last chance to nominate trees!


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