Who is enjoing our food waste?

We started this initiative 4 years ago with the focus to minimising harmful effects on the environment by reducing waste sent to landfill. In Auckland up to 40% of green waste is still going to landfill where it creates Methane that contributes to global warming.  The food waste we collect is being used to feed animals and compost bins  in our community.

Our latest survey indicated what we are reusing/recycling with the shops in Mt eden village each month:

  • Coffee grounds to gardens: 72 buckets
  • Food waste to pig farmers and goat and rabbit owners: 24 crates + 4 buckets
  • Battery recycling 1.5 buckets
  • Picture framer: off cuts to school
  • 40 Icecream containers are being reused by gardeners
  • Egg cartons are being reused to plant seedlings
  • 3x shops changed from plastic to cornstarch bags.
  • 4 shop offers reusable bags
  • 2 shops changed from plastic to paper bags.
  • Some shops report 50-70% reduction in plastic bag handouts because of changed practice of checking if bag needed

Please drop off your old batteries at MBE Business Centre or Civic Video.

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