October: Sunday 30.10.2011

Start time: 1pm, Duration: 1.30 – 2 hours

Tutor: Paul Romley
Location:  to be confirmed (Mt Eden or Parnell)

Please rsvp to: Judith Holtebrinck

Beekeeping in the city:
Bees provide us with two main things; pollination, and honey. They fly to nectar and pollen sources in the wider urban environment, and in the process of visiting flowers, gather nectar (which becomes honey) and pollen (which becomes a food source for them in addition to the honey). The city due to its numerous gardens, reserves and parks provides year round sources of these for the urban bee. Any person of discipline & learnt understanding of bee behaviour & their needs can maintain a healthy & very successful hive.  Bees can be kept in the city environment, depending on the local bylaws (which the super-city will be ‘harmonizing’, creating one bylaw governing beekeeping in Auckland City in 2012) and depending on your neighbours.

What to expect:

You can expect to learn about bees, their life-cycle, how a hive works, and the necessary maintenance required to keep your hive healthy & happy. You will learn about where to get bees from, and the different kinds of equipment you will need. Beehives are required to be registered so you will learn about what is required from MAF. You will be given details about the Auckland Beekeepers Club. Finally, expect to get stung at least several times when managing your own hive, and bee amazed at the intricacies of nature and the beehive.

About Paul Romley:
Paul is an ex-commercial beekeeper of six years experience working for Comvita, in the BOP. He developed a passion for landscape design, but has recently re-discovered his passion for bees. He is only interested in small domestic beekeeping situations, and manages his own beehive (on a balcony four stories up in Parnell), and two other beehives at his sister-in-law’s place in St Heliers. He also has assisted several friends set up their own beehives.

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