Christmas baking, quick and easy!

Ralf is a German pastry chef and a good friend of ours. He was handing out food on our 10/10/10 event and was actively involved in the planting of community fruit trees on Mt Eden.  This is his answer for a quick and easy biscuit recipe that make great Christmas presents:

1.2.3. – recipe:

  • 1 part sugar
  • 2 parts butter
  • 3 parts flour
  • one egg to bind,

Salt, vanilla, cinnamon ( or other spices/ replace some flour with ground nuts, almonds or cocoa powder….),
pinch of baking powder for lift if wanted

Knead together, chill, roll out, cut shapes, bake at 185*C until golden brown

Easy, always works – tastes great and can be modified a lot

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