NZ changing landscape – Photo exhibition

Where: At Frasers café, Mt Eden village       Date: 12th May to 26th June
Using non biodegradable and non compostable products everyday has a lasting impact on the environment we live in.
Plastic products are now part of the landscape in some of our most beautiful places.


Plastic bags, plastic containers, disposable nappies are just some of the products that are not designed to break down in our, or in our children’s life time. 

In New Zealand plastic bags are still handed out for free in most supermarkets. Saying NO to plastic bags and choosing products with no plastic packaging is one option we can do as an individual.

But what about the bigger picture and what are other countries doing? Ireland has reduced its plastic checkout bag usage by 90%, simply by putting a tax on plastic bags.

What happens to products that are not compostable and biodegradable? They simply won’t disappear.

This is a photo journey highlighting the changes you can see now in the 100% Pure New Zealand landscape.
If you want to find out more about the impact of plastic on the ocean and wildlife, please visit:

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