Fruit trees for Auckland

Supermarket food prices have risen 28 per cent in the last year. With GST going up to 15%, once again we have to deal with the fact that food prices will increase further. Planting fruit trees in Auckland can help families save money on their grocery bill and secure free and healthy food for the future.

We are now collecting locations for possible fruit tree planting so we can continue to work together with council in 2011 once our current trial project has finished.

If you would like to have a fruit tree on the grass verge in front of your house or if you can suggest another location in your neighbourhood, please go to our fruit tree website and send us your preferred location details.

Please send us details of potential locations for neighbourhood fruit trees by signing up on our website.
All suggestions will be assessed for suitability before locations are chosen.

or join us on our facebook group to support this trial project:

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