Activity on Maungawhau, Mt Eden

News from the friends of Maungawhau

Friends of  Maungawhau volunteers have been removing privet on the Maunga and the results  of this can be seen on the western slopes. Volunteers have also been removing  wire fencing strangling  Pohutukawa that that was not removed  decades ago when sheep once grazed this slope. With this work and the control  of possums the pohutukawa will be healthier in further years. This summer has  possibly been a 50  year dry period resulting in the death of many  plants. Of greater concern is the fire danger and lack of a progressive  fire  suppression /ecological plan. One practical aspect to  this [as well as making Maungawhau a ”healthy park”] is to declare a No  Smoking Zone. Monthly meetings continue with the Council on theses and other  issues.

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